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Nov '11

A most precious gift

One of the things that Aaron and I are most looking forward to during our trip is to have the gift of time. We will no longer have standard jobs and the pressures that this brings in terms of free time. We are really looking forward to slowing down and taking the time to do the things we most value.

While we don’t officially leave for South America until Jan. 17th,  we are already seeing the benefits of this gift of time. Like a lot of people this time of year, we end up rushing from place to place and feel like our time with each person is always cut too short. However, for the holidays this year,  since we will both already be done with work, we will be able to slow down a bit and spend more time in each place. We are really looking forward to having the time to really catch up with family and friends.

On the Kinzie Bridge on our way to get Xoco chocolate!

We’ve already been able to start this trend as we just returned from a week in Chicago visiting family. Since we don’t need to save Aaron’s vacation time for Christmas this year, we were able to spend a few extra days in Chicago.  During our time, we were able to see Abby’s Dad and Wife, 3 Uncles, Grandma,  Aunt and Cousin (and her little dog too). Between incredible meals, coffee shop stops, walks along old canals and outdoor fires, we had hours to sit around and talk. I love the deep discussions that we were able to have (although my brain is still recovering from thinking so hard!) We also got to spend an afternoon with Aaron’s Aunt and Uncle who treated us to an amazing meal from Rick Bayless’s restaurant XoCo. (If you ever have the opportunity to go, get the Bean to Cup Chocolate-Incredible!)

So, thus far, our “trip” has been a success, bringing us closer to living the life we want to live and we couldn’t be happier.

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