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Jun '12

Budget accommodations that can’t be beat

While on our travels, Aaron and I have been very aware of the prices of well, pretty much everything. We’ve tried to stay on a relatively tight budget to ensure that we’re able to continue on our adventures as long as possible.

We kept track of our budget for both Ecuador and Colombia. Now that we’re home and have been able to do the final tally, Ecuador was by far cheaper than Colombia. We spent an average of $37 per day (for both of us).  This included food, lodging, transportation and also our daily activities and sightseeing. By contrast, in Colombia, we spent $79 per day for the same items.

When we decided to come back and spend a couple of months camping, we were a little worried about what our daily budget would look like in the expensive USA. In Ecuador, we often spent less than $10 per person per night for what we feel were relatively nice rooms (double bed, private bath, sometimes hot water). But here on our camping trip, the majority of the campsites we are staying at cost at least that much, if not more!

The best $7 a night can buy

However, this week we found the deal of the century: Free! We are in Southwestern Colorado and for some reason, in the National Forest, you can just pull off the road and camp at any number of beautiful sites. We even drove past a campground that charges $18 per night with only slightly better amenities and nowhere near the view!  We ended up in the exact same site that Aaron stayed at as a kid and it is pure Colorado wilderness—a river wraps around the site and looking out, you can see the huge rock faces typical of the Rocky Mountains. There’s no one camped remotely near us and all we hear is the rushing of the river as we drink our hot cocoa each morning.

I feel as though I need to thank each and every one of you for diligently paying your taxes so that we can enjoy this incredible, beautiful, and free wilderness! 🙂


East Fork Road Camping

Our tax dollars hard at work


4 comments to “Budget accommodations that can’t be beat”

  1. Ava Says:

    Ok, good one!

  2. John Says:

    I remember that site all too well! How does our little damn look? Love you guys! Have fun!

  3. Kathy Says:

    I’m so happy Colorado did T least one good thing with my taxes! I’m happy you are enjoying my money. I wish we were there.

  4. Margaret Hair Says:

    What a beautiful place to enjoy your morning coffee. I can’t help noticing the long sleeved T shirt, as we anticipate hitting triple digits this weekend.

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