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Jan '11

Challenge me!

After just listening to the State of the Union Address, I am reminded as to my main issue with politicians. The rants, the raves, the infighting, all that is second on my lists of worsts to the pandering they do to us Americans. They treat us like we cannot exist without them. That if they were not there, asking for that road to be fixed, or deeming today national toothpick day, we would fall apart. They are too scared of the next election to ask the American people for anything. Politicians must deliver! It sounds good on paper, but if you think about it, Americans themselves must deliver. We must stop being greedy, waiting for the next handout and stand-up and do what is right. Politicians should do all of this first, but they should encourage Americans to do the same–not be an enabler allowing us to continue this downward spiral into our demise. It may be a talking point at this time, but Kennedy’s famous “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” is exactly the mindset we need to take on. Quit waiting for your government to do what needs to be done–Get out there and live it!

Obama mentioned this idea a few times. When he was discussing the changing world and how the factory world in America is changing, he said ” This should not Discourage us, but challenge us!” Yes! We need to move forward, we need to rise to the challenge. Obama talked a lot about expecting more of the government but the government should expect more of us. Do not treat us like children-Give us real, honest answers and we will respond. We all know deep in our minds that we need to reform taxes in some way.  We all know we need to cut spending, not just governmental but personal waste as well. But, unless the government asks us to,  we will continue down this path.

I think Obama let many people down in the 1st year, not because of his policies or lack thereof, but due to him not asking more of his constituents. His campaign was full of people doing more than was asked, because he asked.

Ask the same of us now.

Challenge me.

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