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Jan '12


We have just finished our first week of Spanish classes and they have been going great! We are going to a place called Mayra’s Spanish School (http://mayraspanishschool.com/) It is just the two of us and our teacher, Markos, which means that we can’t get away with much goofing off in the back of class. We are in class for 4 hours a day from 8am to 12pm and then normally have about 1 hour of homework each night.  It has been incredible how much just one week of Spanish has already helped us. We are starting to be able to understand people much better and have been practicing our Spanish with the Hostal owner whose Spanish is wonderfully slow!

On a typical day, we start with about 1 hour of conversation with Markos, then we go over our homework from the night before. After that, he usually teaches us something new, and we do exercises while he explains various aspects of the concept. We have a 20 minute break around 10:00 and we have coffee or tea and get to talk with the other students…only in Spanish, por supuesto (of course)! After the break,  we normally read aloud so we can practice our pronunciation which is really difficult for us gringos. The book we are reading from is all about Ecuador – the history, the customs, the weather, etc. We have really been enjoying learning more about Ecuador while also learning Spanish. At the end of class,  Markos gives us our homework for the night and then, we all head home.

We’re learning all sorts of useful phrases but one of the first ones we learned was: Chevere! Chevere means “Cool” and most everything is “Chevere” here, so we’ve been hearing (and using) this word a lot.


Estos hombres son “super Chevere!”


2 comments to “Chevere!”

  1. ted Says:

    that’s one Chevere looking gringo!

  2. Aaron Says:

    Gracias Senor – someone last week actually told me I dress “latino” so I’m not sure how they meant it, but I took it as quite a compliment!

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