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Jan '12

Family Fun

We’ve just returned from our 3 week trip to visit family and friends around Colorado and New Mexico.  We feel so lucky to have had this opportunity to spend time seeing everyone and wanted to share a few highlights of our trip:

Snowshoeing in Durango, CO:

We are so lucky to have Abby’s mom living in Durango, Colorado so that we can visit this beautiful place often. The weather was unseasonably warm and so, while there was minimal snow on the ground in Durango, we were only an hour away from the mountain snow, which is ideal in our minds. We spent a half day going snowshoeing on our way up to Silverton. For those of you who may not have had the experience of snowshoeing before, just imagine strapping a cafeteria tray on your foot and then walking around. It is really a lot of fun and such a great way to get outside in the winter.

Dinner at the Prairie Star with Aaron’s Parents:

After an afternoon golfing, Aaron’s parents treated us to an amazing dinner at The Prairie Star in Bernalillo. We had some great wine, amazing food, and of course, wonderful conversation (a common trend during our time with them). With the wardrobe for our upcoming trip being rather casual, we enjoyed the opportunity to “dress up.”

Visiting Abby’s sister in Midland, TX:
On our way back to Dallas, we took a slight detour and stopped in Midland, TX to visit Abby’s sister, Julie and her husband, Victor. Midland was actually experiencing a freak snow storm that threatened to ruin our visit but instead ended up giving us more time with them as Julie was on a 2 hour delay from work! Julie and Victor actually just got back from a week in Ecuador so they were able to give us lots of good tips.

Midland is where Abby grew up and so on the way out of town, Abby was able to show Aaron around all the great sights….Ok, well, maybe just her favorite duck pond!

Will it all fit?!

So, thank you to all of you who were able to spend time with us on our trip. It really helped us to feel closer to family and reminded us just how blessed we are to have such great relationships. We are now back in Dallas crashing with Aaron’s brother since the house is rented. Based on the amount of stuff in the “packing room,” we definitely have some work to do!

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