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Jan '12

It’s all about perspective

We want to tell you two stories:

Yesterday, we had to get up at the crack of dawn to be able to get to the airport two hours before our scheduled flight . Of course, the flight was delayed, leaving 30 minutes late. We hoped that would be the end of our travel woes but upon arriving in Miami, discovered our flight to Quito was delayed for an hour and a half! We found some ridiculously expensive fast food and waited for our flight. We got another notice that our flight was delayed again! We finally got on the plane and headed out to the runway. Right before taking off, the pilot announces that the radio isn’t working and we have to return to the gate. We sat on the tarmac for 2 and a half hours, finally leaving 4.5 hours late! We arrived in Quito at 11:30pm and waited through Immigration for almost an hour. Our hostel closed at 1am and so we scrambled but finally arrived at 12:55pm just in time to wake up the reception desk to let us in. Needless to say, it was a hectic day.

Yesterday, we left to begin the adventure of our dreams in South America. We arrived at the airport (thanks John and Claire for the ride!) and were through security in less than 30 minutes. We had day passes for the Admirals Club and so, took advantage of the free Wi-Fi. Our flight to Miami was peaceful and we arrived with only about 1 hour before we had to board for our flight to Quito. But, upon landing, we learned that our flight had been delayed. What luck! We now had plenty of time to grab our last “American” meal and then headed to the Admirals Club.  There we were able to sit and relax and work on some final logistics for the trip while drinking complimentary Cuba Libres! Once we boarded for our flight, the pilot discovered the radio was out and we had to return for a quick repair. Thank the Lord that he discovered this issue before take-off! Once in the air, the flight was great. Dinner was served and it was quite delicious. We arrived in Quito and made it through immigration with no issue AND our bags had arrived safely! We quickly found a taxi who sped through town to get us to our hostel just in the nick of the time. The hostel owner was so kind and helpful, even at 1am! We fell into bed smiling and thinking about what a perfect start to our trip this was!

Which day would you like to have?

Life is all about perspective and that is something we are seeking to expand on this trip.  Yesterday was a great reminder for us to choose to be positive, enjoy life and each other, and always keep our focus on the big picture.

We started our first day in Ecuador with breakfast on our rooftop terrace and spent the rest of the day wandering around Old Town Quito and enjoying the amazing vistas – Que Bonita! (How beautiful!)



3 comments to “It’s all about perspective”

  1. Shawn Says:

    #2 is preferable.

  2. Ava Arsaga Says:

    Nice post! Gorgeous picture!

  3. Kellie Says:

    Hmmm…are we taking bets on who wrote what? Ha ha…
    Great post. k

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