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Apr '12

New Toothbrushes

For some odd reason, when we first left for our trip, I made Aaron pack a 2nd set of toothbrushes for us. At the time, it seemed really important. I mean, don’t get me wrong, dental hygiene is very important to me, but, why did I think I needed to bring new toothbrushes? Do Ecuadorians not need toothbrushes and thus I would be unable to find any? Would they somehow be inferior in the Southern Hemisphere?

I’m still not sure why I felt compelled to bring new toothbrushes, but every time we repack our bags,

Ready for some action

there they are, still getting moved around from place to place. It’s become a running joke with Aaron and I: “Is it time to use our new toothbrushes yet?” The answer is always no, our current toothbrushes still operate as intended.

Well, on Tuesday, we will officially break the seal on our new toothbrushes in high fashion. We are officially leaving Ecuador, our wonderful home for the past 2.5 months. As we set sail (ok, no boats, just more long bus rides) for new territory, it’s time for new adventures and so, new toothbrushes will symbolically signal that change for me (who knew toothbrushes could be so deep?).

Our next country is none other than Ecuador’s northern neighbor: Colombia.

Yes, you read that right: Colombia. Home of beaches, beauty pageants and of course, Pablo Escobar, the infamous drug lord.

While we never would have thought about stepping foot in Colombia when we lived in the States, after being here for just a few weeks, everyone we spoke to recommended Colombia. “The people are so nice.” “It is so beautiful.” “It is my favorite country in Latin America.” From people who have been there in the past year, we have heard only positive comments. We feel Colombia’s new motto may be all too telling: “The only risk is wanting to stay” and hope our time there is as rewarding as our time in Ecuador. As an added bonus, Aaron’s brother, John and his wife, Claire, will be joining us for 10 days of jam-packed fun soon after we arrive. We cannot wait to see and travel around with them!

So, Adios to Ecuador, a wonderful, amazing, and loving country and Hola to Colombia…and our new toothbrushes.

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1 Comment » to “New Toothbrushes”

  1. Elaine Olson Says:

    Hi Aby and Aaron,
    We enjoy your updates so much! Have a wonderful time in Columbia and enjoy your new toothbrushes!
    Yours, Aunt Elaine

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