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Feb '12

Please help us to build our theater!

We’re in our last week of volunteering and neither of us can believe that one month has gone by so quickly. It feels like just yesterday we had our first nervous day at La Bib, hoping the kids would like us ok. Now, we’re going to be in tears having to leave all the amazing kids here.

Reading with 3 kids at once-a beautiful sight!

La Bib is truly an incredible place and we have been privileged to see such an effective organization in action. We are excited to find some way to use this experience in helping other non-profits or in starting our own at some point in our lives.

We have been impressed with their model and how successful it is, especially considering the short amount of time (usually a month) that volunteers are here. Most places would not succeed with new volunteers arriving and others leaving each week, but at La Bib, they use the high turnover to their advantage. With a constant inflow of volunteers, new energy and enthusiasm is always in the air. If all the volunteers were long term, I fear that the activities would become mundane and volunteers would lose their steam. But, by constantly having new people with new ideas, La Bib flourishes!

La Bib is also relatively self-sustaining. Through the rent that the volunteers pay to live above La Bib, they are able to cover the rent and other operating expenses.  Therefore, there is not a need for full time fundraising and the employees and volunteers can focus on making La Bib a better place for the kids and the community rather than constantly worrying about raising enough money to keep the doors open.

All that being said, La Bib does need your help! This summer, they will be renovating the current garage of La Bib into a community theater. Currently in Banos, there is no theater. Right now, La Bib shows movies once a week for adults and once a month for the kids, but we have to set-up the garage every time and this make-shift theater only works so well when it’s cold or rainy.

In addition, La Bib would like to start a community theater program to involve more locals in theater and also in the community of Banos. Theater is a great way to come together as a community and La Bib is a great place to start this new movement in Banos.

Please, if you have a few moments, watch this great video (I tear up every time I watch it–Luckily the kids make me smile by the end). It shows not only the theater project but Arte del Mundo in general and has some great pictures of Banos (even the volcano makes an appearance). Aaron and I make our debut at around minute 2:20.

If you are able to make a donation, La Bib and Aaron and I would be so grateful.  The link for the video above is also the link to make a donation. Fundacion Arte Del Mundo is an organization that truly knows how to maximize their dollars and your contribution (no matter how small) will go a long way here in Banos.

They currently have a little over $1000 donated. I wonder, with our great group of worldwidewonderings followers, how high we could push that up by the time we leave on Saturday morning! Por favor ayudanos a construir nuestro teatro!

A few of the faces you're helping--Thank You!

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