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Hiking in Ecuador

Ecuador, in our opinion, has some of the best hiking in the world. One main reason for this is how accessible many hikes are. You can do most of them without guides or special gear. They can be a bit challenging, as they tend to climb straight up but the views normally far outweigh the pain!

Our suggestions for hiking in Ecuador:

  • Hike early in the day as it tends to rain in the afternoon.
  • If it’s muddy, it will be treacherous without rubber boots and if it’s steep, skip it until it’s drier.
  • Buy energy bars for the longer hikes. Your body needs the fuel.
  • If you’re climbing at altitude, go slow and take small steps. It will feel painfully slow at the beginning but it will allow you to save your strength for the last stretch where you’ll need every ounce.
  • Stop often and look at the beauty around you! Too often, we’d catch ourselves only staring at the trail directly below our feet, which is important since the trails are rough, but there are amazing things to see along the way too.

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