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Imbabura ~ Casa Aida

Location: La Esperanza (15 min. from Ibarra, near Volcan Imbabura).
Date of stay: March 2012 (2 nights total)
Cost: $14 pp for double bed with shared bath. Includes breakfast and dinner.

We stayed at Casa Aida while we climbing Imbabura. We arrived the afternoon before we climbed and stayed through the following morning. The hostal is huge-sleeps 70! There is a large green space in between the buildings. La Esperanza is not a tourist place and so Aida basically has to cook for you because there’s nowhere else to eat. After trying her food, you’ll be glad of that! She is proud of her “comida de la casa” (not restaurant food). Her food has great flavor and is healthy.  Her pancakes are famous and for good reason!  She was able to arrange for a camioneta to take us to the start of the hike and pick us up 7 hours later ($5 each way). The beds were nice and as Aida told us, were relatively new as she replaced all 70 beds! There were bathrooms everywhere so the shared bathroom isn’t an issue (we were also the only people there for the majority of the time, so that helped too). Water was hot but had the usual problem of being too hot and turning the cold on turned the hot off but eventually we got the settings right on the heater.

We took a taxi here from Ibarra. The driver had to stop and ask where it was a few times. It is much farther up Calle Gallo Plaza than you would imagine. It is a few blocks before the bridge over the dry river bed.

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