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Jun '12

Tourists at Home

One of the things that consistently amazed us while on our travels was how many interesting things there are to see at any given place in the world. Any of the towns we went to had a multitude of sites to see, local food to try and culture to discover. We came to realize that this is not an isolated occurrence, it is not that Ecuador or Colombia or any other place in this world is inherently more interesting. What is different is our mind set. In each of the places we visited, we were seeking the new, the interesting, the different. And, when that is your mindset, you will find all sorts of neat stuff (exhibit A: Mud Volcanoes…).

That got us thinking about returning home. It always seems like a let down to return home from a trip and go back to “normal” life so, we began thinking about what we could do back home to carry on the mindset of our trip and decided to become “tourists at home,” traveling around the US discovering new sites, foods, traditions and cultures. We just started what we’re calling our Great South(west) American Adventure and are already feeling a little bit of the excitement we felt while traveling abroad.

We spent this past weekend with Aaron’s brother and his wife partaking in a local tradition in the hill country of Texas: Floating the Guadalupe river. For those of you unfamiliar with this cultural phenomenon, the basic idea is to grab a few inner tubes (including one for your cooler), drive up the river a bit and then, hop on your tube and spend the next 4 to 6 hours floating back down to your campsite. It was a fun relaxing day made better by beautiful scenery and great family. We even got to practice our Texish, listening to and interacting with some of the locals. šŸ™‚

Guadalupe River


We’re now seeing the sights at Pedernales Falls before heading West to new adventures and cooler weather.

Pedernales Falls

Pedernales Falls



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