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Aug '11

Ulterior Motives

As I get ready to start student teaching on Monday (9th Grade Geography if you’re interested), I am being asked repeatedly why I want to be a teacher. I liken this question to the one asked all little kids “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Everyone asks it, the answers are normally the same and it rarely turns out to be true.
But, as I reflect on this question, I realize I have some ulterior motives in becoming a social studies teacher. Yes, I absolutely want the kids to learn and grow but my true underlying motivation is to change the world. Everyday stuff, right? In every aspect of my life, I try to aim high, so changing the world is something I decided I would strive for (and why not?). As I looked at my options, teaching seemed like one of the best ways to actually achieve this goal. In addition to my passion for them, I think the social sciences are uniquely tailored to teaching kids to think creatively and gain perspectives on the world. Coming from my background, I need students to learn about the world beyond our borders, and not just that, but to think about it, reflect on it and do something with that knowledge. So, while yes, I will want my students to succeed in their education, I want them to take that knowledge and change the world. I don’t expect this to happen quickly but if I’m really going to go into this profession, I’m going to put my whole self into it and have high expectations for not only myself but my students too.
So, wish me luck and please pass along any advice you may have for a new teacher!


3 comments to “Ulterior Motives”

  1. Sarah Says:

    why else would you teach unless you want to change the world right? 🙂 good luck! you’ll love it!

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  3. Abby Says:

    Thanks Sarah! I’m hoping to start teaching in August and will need all sorts of luck! 🙂

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