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Jan '12

Volcano Update

From what we’ve been able to find online, it looks like the volcano eruptions have not gotten any worse, and may be slowing down, with most of the pyroclastic flows no longer occurring.  Abby and I are keeping an eye on it, but are still planning to head to Baños, and will evaluate it once we get there.

Fortunately for us, we are now very well prepared for any sort of volcanic activity, thanks to my wonderful co-workers, who prepared a volcano survival kit as a going away gift!

It was complete with a plastic hard hat, tin foil (everyone knows if you cover yourself in tin foil the lava can’t burn you), disposable masks for the ash (one of the more useful parts of the kit), as well as several educational materials including Dante’s Peak and a “Create your own Volcano” kit (so we can practice our evacuation procedures). We also got candy and orange soda to trade with the locals (see Joe versus the Volcano).  Besides, what trip to South America would be complete without some Imodium and TP?!



The generous gifts not withstanding, we were most blessed by their kindness and overwhelming support.  We were amazed by all the people who shared kind words, encouragement, contacts in South America, and even a meditation/prayer.  Everyone from the CEO, to my close friends, to people I had only worked with a few times provided incredible support for us, and served as a great reminder of the wonderful colleagues with whom I’ve been lucky enough to learn from and work with over the years.


Thanks to each of you, and all the other family and friends for your encouragement – it means the world to us, and we are excited to be taking this adventure with your friendship and support.

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